Exclude Header and Footer in a page

Does anyone know if it is possible to exclude the header and footer in a single page? I have the option to say «on all pages» but not to say «not on this page». Thanks in advance

you could set different sections then set “on all pages in this section” and then let off that section the ones with different header/footer

mmmhhh thanks a lot Primo, I have to check how you described that. But thanks a lot! Eugene


That would be a solution, albeit a cumbersome one.
But what should be the point of such a page? Without navigation (which probably sits in the header)?

Make it a popup.

Mr. F.

@Mr_Fozzie Thanks for your feedback, but if I have more (i. e. an Icon) than this two (footer and header) and on one site I would like to have without this icon, then it does not work. So the suggested idea of primo sounds really good!