Exif data in images lost on download from website?

If I put some pictures on my website I can use smart-fields to show exif-data such as the embedded copyright, location, titel, aperture, etc. However when I download one of those images from my website lots of the exif-data, for example the the copyright info and website info, is lost.
Is that normal behaviour ? or is it a setting for the upload I missed or something else ?


Sparkle currently strips any exif from the image when generating the final image that goes in the website. This is for two reasons, one is size/performance of the image, the exif data is rather large, the second is privacy as exif can contain personally identifiable information.

Arguably in some cases the exif information is interesting to export, and we need to add the option to select which metadata to export on a case by case basis.

For the time being exporting an image with exif can really only be done by sharing the image inside a zip file, so processed entirely before adding it in Sparkle.

Thanks Duncan for clarifying :+1:
Will need to re-think how to publish some of my pictures.
But I will find a way. So no problem.


Just as a side note: doesn’t this make the smart fields for the EXIF data redundant?

Or how can you use them sensibly?

Mr. F.

A workaround would be to simply upload the images directly to your server. In Sparkle, choose the option “From N

etwork Location”.

Thanks for this suggestion. I will give that a try, and see if this work-around is convenient to me.

The smart fields are populated from the original image that contains the exif data, not from the exported image that has it stripped :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation.
That is of course cleverly solved.

Mr. F.