Existing Website Files & Publishing a New Site


I’ve been re-doing my blog to take advantage of the layout blocks. I made a new Sparkle project but used exactly the same file names as the existing blog. After publishing the new site however, I’m finding that sometimes the old pages are showing.

Should I be deleting the original files and then re-publishing? So sorry if this is a very basic question. I’m just scared that I’d be deleting something I shouldn’t.

Hi jazzbird.

Browser cache has been cleared?
Did you try reloading the pages in the browser?

Mr. F.

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Thank you Mr Fozzie! I’ll re-check as the problem mostly seemed on my mobile.

I would suggest logging into the FTP area of your webserver via Fetch or similar FTP app to see what old files are lingering there. Easy to zap them when viewing them this way.
Or just login to the back end of your site’s control panel and look at the list of files.
If you’re in a hurry, just kill ALL of them, then go back to Sparkle and republish it all. That’ll give you a complete refresh!

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I did it! Thank you!!! I was just terrified I was going to delete something important but it’s all working well now!