Expanding User Account

I would be nice to have the availability to add more fields to the user accounts.

That’s a bit vague… what would you want to add and how would you use it?

:nerd_face: Hi Mr. Wilcox, Hope is well and the image helps! As you can see in the green picture, the plus button allows you to add another field to the user accounts. The new field could be used in the design for a more personalized interactive design, thanks! :pray:

If this could be accomplished inside the additional information or private notes boxes, please share how, thanks again!

Sorry I’m wondering specifically what the “personalized interactive design” is all about… what do you want to achieve that adding a custom field would enable, that you currently can’t do in other ways?

You could use the {Additional Information} field for this.

But this will not work selectively. Means, all users must have a nickname. And you can’t selectively show the name or nickname.

Mr. F.

Perhaps I wanted to add a preferred-name field to the user account to use it, instead of the name. So instead of a ( Hello {name}), I would use (Hello {preffered-name}) so the user gets addressed with their preferred name.