Export to disk issues

I am very new to Sparkle (1 day), but not new to web design. I exported my project to disk because I have to use Filezilla for uploading. I’ve noticed two problems when using Safari from the local files - they haven’t been uploaded yet.

  1. Links - I tried linking an image to a link in the website & external. Both times, when I clicked on them, the system brought me back to the folder the page was in. If I’m looking at preview in Sparkle, it works goes back to index (page1) just fine. Does this mean web links won’t work after being uploaded like this?

  2. iPad - If I click on the index.html from the Files app, the page loads but doesn’t display the images. Does this mean that the Sparkle generated pages won’t display correctly in iPad Safari?

Both of those are likely to be explained by this:

Thanks - now that I’ve seen the html, I don’t want to ever see it again.