Exported home page is missing half of the content

Please bear with me as I’m a complete novice in Sparkle. I imported my website into the application, and it’s a bit rough. I’m fixing up the pages as I go. First problem is on the home page. It looks OK in Sparkle and in preview. When I export to disk the bottom half of the content is missing.

There is this odd mark on the page at the point at which the page content ends I don’t see that in the application or in preview…

Any guidance would be very much appreciate.


Is the Norton Antivirus (or any other AV software) in play? Please read here.

Mr. F.

Exporting to disk and previewing in Finder? This comes to mind:

‍By ‍default ‍Sparkle ‍produces ‍high ‍performance ‍HTML ‍that ‍works ‍when ‍uploaded ‍to ‍a ‍web ‍server. ‍If ‍you ‍intend ‍to ‍load ‍the ‍HTML ‍files ‍directly ‍in ‍the ‍browser ‍from ‍the ‍local ‍disk ‍you ‍will ‍need ‍to ‍set ‍the ‍code ‍generation ‍option ‍to ‍“Offline ‍compatible”.

(from Publishing and Exporting | Sparkle Documentation)

No antivirus software installed.

Thank you Duncan. I’ll have to study that.

I rebuilt the page and all the text appears and nothing’s cut off, except three of the images are missing. They appear in Sparkle and in preview, but not when I publish to the web. The images are missing from the images folder on the server. Is it possible to find the images in Sparkle so perhaps I can manually upload them to the folder?

Thanks very much.

The image isn’t in the images folder on my computer, which is probably why it isn’t being published. But how can an image appear in the application, have a name, and not be in the folder on the computer?

Got it. The image in Sparkle had a different name. In Sparkle it was image_med_hr.jpg. On the computer it was image_med-hr-232.jpg. Oddly when I changed the name of that file in Sparkle and published, the other two missing images appeared as well.