External Content

Hi There,
is there anyone that is familiar with adding external content?
I want to add some ‘Share Buttons’. Therefore I created 2 lines of code via https://sharethis.com/de/
I assume that I did not place it correctly, because the share buttons do not appear after uploading my site (https://www.trainer-lounge.net/toolbox.html)
This is how I entered the code:

Many thanks for helping hands, c.

Hello Carola

I’m not sure but there seems to be “something” missing in your post.

You wrote:

This is how I entered the code:

But then there is nothing after that. Did you want to post a screenshot? Or the code itself?

Could you post that again? Thank you.

You should be able to add those buttons with the embed tool.


On the website sharethis.com did you pick HTML in the second step?

Oupsi! I copied the HTML-code I’ve entered, but it does not come up in my post here. No clue why. But… I guess it was a time issue, because it is up and running now :grin:
Thanks a lot for your fast help Shadowfax :+1:


Glad to hear that.
Happy weekend!