External link options in Sparkle

Hi Duncan

I’m using (and loving) Sparkle. It’s the first app that really works as a DTP system for the web.
I’m currently integrating Sparkle into a project that has pages that come from several different apps. To do integration of different things, I have to publish to the disk and, to achieve some desired results, I have to use External Links, mostly relative paths to other folders. In some particular situations, sparkle generated pages have to appear inside a framed window in other page generated by another app. By clicking into a link in a sparkle page, I need to make it target="-top". I have not found any option to do this directly in Sparkle options for external links. The only solution is to open the HTML file directly and edit the code to include target="-top". If some republishing is done, I have to make it all over again, which is a very tedious task. It would be great if, in any link option (even for sparkle internal pages), you could integrate the common “target” options.

I’m afraid this is not something we’ll be doing. On one hand iframes are going away (bad for seo,m and mobile), on the other sparkle itself doesn’t produce iframes so it would be impossible to explain what the option does or why it makes sense.


Are you sure about iframes? I’m using several applications which integration with web elements is based on iframes. Is the only way, for now, to integrate, for instance, 3d interactive objects inside web pages with interaction between web interface elements and the 3D object.
See this example from one of my projects:


I need to click some elements to obtain Sparkle generated pages instead of those small widgets on the right. The page will be “floating the app. Then I need to click into a a link in the sparkle page to change all the page and the page in the background if needed. For that I need it to generate target=”_top" in the html code.

You already have the option for “Open in a new page” below the links. The idea was to expand this option to include “Self, Blank, Top, etc”.

See attached images to clarify what I mean. If “Open in new page” is checked, target"_blank" will be generated in HTML by Sparkle. It would be great if the other “target” options could be available. You already have the code in Sparkle :slight_smile:

Yes iframes are used like that, small integrations. But again it would be just confusing for Sparkle users.

Since you seem to be proficient with code you can probably figure out ways to make it work.

I don’t want to be unhelpful, it’s just not a focus for us.

No problem Duncan. I’ll try to use a script. I guess that “target” only appears in the HTML code in this “Open in new window” feature. If necessary, i’ll enforce this in all pages and try to parse all the generated html files with a script to replace target="_blank" by target="_top". Keep on the good work!