Extra Space Blog Index + Pagination Fix + Sparkle 4 Feedback

Extra Space Blog Index
Using Sparkle 4 and there’s a LARGE amount of empty area at the BLOG INDEX page bottom. Not sure what to do, but I might need to add more than 5 posts to see if that solves it. So, anyone else finding that issue?

Pagination Fix
Also… I’ve noticed that Pagination glitches on the BLOG INDEX as well. Tends to be on the primary display size, but… here’s my solution:

  1. Create another blog
  2. Drag posts from main blog to new blog
  3. Look at INDEX of the new blog and pagination works
  4. Drag posts from new back to main blog
  5. Pagination starts working again

That’s my only solve.

Sparkle 4 Feedback

  • Layout Blocks are Good
  • Blog Tags are Good
  • “Apply Styles to All” button for Blog Tags is great!.. but… the styles seem to fall off, so I have to eventually go back to the original style and push it out again.
  • Blog pagination also loses style and gets corrupted, which is annoying because… after you set up the style, it takes a few minutes… and suddenly it is gone.
  • Generally VERY positive so far!

OK. The “extra space” solution was to walk away and come back later.

At that point, I was able to remove the empty space by dragging up the bottom page panel. This was not working previously.

(When the pages get SUPER LONG, I started to double-click to make it snap closed, but wondering if that was causing Sparkle some bugginess. Not sure. I tend to zoom out to 25% and close the gaps.)

Here’s what I have so far as a site. Got some BLOG TAGS rolling as you can see.

So far I have been cautious about building too many breakpoints, because it gets to be like a “whack a mole” game.

The “header menu” area is a LAYOUT BLOCK that does not span properly on my phone when viewing landscape, so it might be time to create some additional breakpoints. I will do that next.

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So, what I have discovered is that neither Layout Blocks or Box Full Width will span to full width on iPhone Landscape. There’s always a giant gutter on the left and right.

So, I will NOT TRY to make the design span… scaled or custom it will not work. :confused:

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I had that in the previous version and now it works like a charm

Assuming you are using 4.0.4, have you noticed anything that triggers the pages getting long?