Extra zoom voor photos

With great pleasure I switched my first (own) photo website to Sparkle (https://www.berwers.org). With some help of a wide design and a bit of myself.
It took me some time to get used to the Sparkle approach, but I really like it (but must study more). Amazing what you can do in Sparkle!
Nevertheless, what I could do in an other program I should like to do in Sparkle too.
I mean: extra zoom to see details of a photo and the possibility to zoom a photo and then immediately go to the next image by clicking on the arrow.
As far as I can see now, both things are not possible.
Am I wrong?

Ben B.

It is possible to zoom, but not zoom in further once you’re in the lightbox. It is not currently possible to go to the next images in the lightbox.

Thank you, Duncan for your quick reaction. It’s a pity that what I requested is not possible, yet, but maybe …