Extract images from a imported web site?

Hi, guys. Is there any way, when importing an external site, to save the graphic elements of this site in a folder on your own computer? I’ve tried everything but to no avail. Maybe it can’t be done?

You could use an app such as siteSucker to import the external site. This will actually download the whole site structure for off-line viewing, so all images and graphics will be in their own folders. The other option is to visit the website in question and drag images and graphic elements off the page into a desktop folder. Just bear in mind that in most cases the images will be optimised and may not present the best quality for use in the Sparkle development environment.


Hi! This raises the issue of importing a site from your own hard drive into Sparkle.
I know that Sparkle imports sites off the web, but how about locally?
Any ideas?

When you choose to import a page into sparkle, you will see a browse button in the import dialog.

Browse for the html file on your local system.

The other way of achieving this is to simply open the local website or webpage in your browser, then copy the URL into the url box on the import dialog. Because it will be a local file, the URL will begin with file:// instead of http://

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