Facebook... a piece of the internet I should never have been introduced to!

Dear all, I have a website (www.dogcharter.uk) which works perfectly. It’s a very simply put together site which was done very quickly for a friend. Of course, when you don’t charge them anything, they ask for another little bit and then another etc etc. You get the picture!

When they ‘paste’ the URL into Facebook, the wrong image appears automatically. If they type the URL into Facebook, no image appears. How can I set either Facebook or my website to select the correct image. I know it’s something to do with Open Graph but I am not a coder nor do I want to be. I just want a cup of tea and a walk with the dogs. Can anyone please help me in simple language.

Thank you!

It’s the social “Social Card” setting in Sparkle. More about it here:


and here:


Thanks Duncan. I’ve done what you have suggested, but Facebook is still showing the same image. Do I need to clear any caches anywhere. I will email you the Sparkle file so you can see what I have done. If there is any chance of a detailed step by step guide, I would appreciate it.

Thanks again!

If you have correctly followed Duncan’s instructions you might find Facebook taking up to 24hrs before it picks up on your chosen Social Card. I also believe Facebook allows you to clear the cache?..

Thanks FlamingFig, do you know how to clear the Facebook cache?

Yes they have a sharing debugger that lets you clear the cache (click “scrape again”):


Yep, was just about to say the same! :slight_smile:

OK finally solved this. For some reason the settings were uploading to a different directory so Facebook was looking in the wrong place for the image. I’m not really sure what happened, but it’s all working now.

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Hi Scoutdesign,
nice little site, but I wonder why stays the menu not in sight?