Facebook Button Size

Follow up: I quit the app twice for two other reasons, and now It let me resize the Facebook Icon again…UGH.

Help please: I posted this 23 Days ago with no response

I had added the Facebook “Link to Facebook page”
And after some time fiddling I finally had managed to make the button small enough for my needs.
Sorry cant remember what it took to do it.

I was about to finally publish the completed site and I look at the browser and my Menu flipped over to vertical from horizontal down the left and shrank in width, not sure why, I hit undo a few times and it went back to normal.

But then I spotted my Facebook button was twice the size it had been.
I tried to delete and re add that didn’t fix it cant drag it small enough.
Tried each flavor of the Icon graphic and button type.

it will shrink if I remove the URL.
If I put the url back in the button expands again.

I cant get it to shrink back down.

Now that I walked away for almost a month and have time to come back to it. I do notice the Size issue is in the 480 and 320 sizes only



Hi, my suggestion would be a workaround…go get a Facebook button image from Google Image Search. There are tons of options out there. Then just link to it.
You will be able to size the button to your needs for any platform.

Thanks, had thought of that, but since it was working on other site, and it seems to be a bug, ( Which you know you will stumble across again.) I was hoping someone would have a fix.

macmancape is correct:

Here’s a bundle of free iCons that may come in handy.

Look for Social Media Icons and Payment badges.

How to:

  1. Place them as an image on your website.
  2. Position and scale to size
  3. Link - Choose ‘external link’ then add Social Media (or other) URL
  4. Test with Preview


  • Chris :slight_smile: