Facebook buttons / side plugin not working

Hello, i want to add the facebook button / ling or side plugin. I enter the link to the side but nothing is shown or working. Only the Link to the facebook page is working

Have anyone some solutions for me ?

Thanx Tom

It’s working fine here. The facebook plugin is a bit delicate, there can be a number of reasons for it not working. For example if you have a system-wide ad blocker like Lockdown, it will not work. If the URL isn’t exactly correct it won’t work. If you have refreshed the preview too often with the facebook plugin in it, it will not work. If the moon isn’t right, it won’t work. Probably a hundred other reasons. There’s not much we can do about it, sorry.

Hmmm … i also tried to install Sparkle again. Can there be some differences between the versions ? I have installed the versionSparkle Pro 3.0.7. from the Apple app store.

No difference. As mentioned it’s something about Facebook vs your Mac or IP address.