Facebook Chat plugin

Hi all,

I am trying to add a Facebook chat plugin to the website, but unfortunately it is not working.

I have followed the instructions as mentioned in Facebook, but nothing.

Any one made it to work?

Thank you in advance.

Hello :wave:t2:

Have you tried publishing your website? The widget may not work in preview mode.

If not, have you enabled privacy support? If so, check in the embed settings if the “Enable after consent” option is enabled. This option ensures that if the visitor has not accepted cookies, the widget will not be displayed.

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Thank you Allan, You are right, it worked after publishing.

but still it has errors, in mobile it is working fine while the messenger button behaving strangely.

In safari, it is the opposite the button is perfect but when opening the messenger to start the chat it gives an error


Anyway thank you for the help @Allan

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You’re welcome :blush: I can’t tell you where the problem comes from (make sure to check if your browser accepts cookies, as it could be the source of the issue), but one thing is for sure: Safari is full of bugs and takes much longer than other browsers to fix them…
Personally, I integrated the chat plugin from Tawk.to which works very well, although I find the interface (on the agent side) not very intuitive.