Facebook Code? Embed?

Frankly , I’m in over my head…
I see the CODE field in the Publish Setup?
Is this still used or is the Embeded code the way to go?

I lack the understanding of the embeded text usage and functionality.

Facebook is providing three different sets of Code.



I tried to pull down from insert to embed and pasted the Text strings in the Black field on the right, hit save. Did a local publish. I see nothing. Obviously I am completely missing something.
I did a server Publish strungwood.com.

I need to do the same for twitter as well.

Assistance Please

you could try this setting and see if it works for you

So @jfmusic is this the way you want to go by embedding code form facebook instead of using Sparkle’s Facebook element, where you can just simply connect your account.

Why are you not using Sparkle’s built-in facebook support?

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HI Duncan, Thankas didn’t realize that had been added…
Does it allow for the analytics provided by facebook if I did a functioning embed?

The page plugin is not a meta pixel, if that’s what you are looking for.

Otherwise I’m not sure what you mean about the embed vs. analytics.