Facebook embed fails in Safari 15.6

On my website: https://www.capecodcouncilofchurches.org
I have embedded a Facebook feed on the homepage. This shows up fine in Firefox and Chrome but alas, it’s invisible when the site is viewed in my native Safari 15.6 browser.

Anyone else out there run into this? Thanks in advance.

Sounds like an ad block issue in Safari.

Thanks Duncan. I checked all of my Safari settings and couldn’t find anything that seemed to be pertinent.
Anyone else see this issue?

Yes. I have seen this issue before. My google maps work well, but I couldn’t find my way around the Facebook imbed. Chrome and Edge were fine, but safari was a no go on apple phones and iPads.
I didn’t have time to chase it down, and so I placed a Facebook logo matching the colours of the site.
Make sure you have permissions, or are the administrator of the Facebook page. Also from the Facebook end you have the correct sharing. I gather you do because it does work on windows browsers.

Thanks, Bill!
I’m at work now on a Windows box and seeing the Facebook embed just fine using Firefox.
Maybe I should file a bug report with Apple?
Can’t hurt.

I’m using an iMac with Catalina 10.15.7, Safari 15.6 and the Facebook feed looks very good with no visible problems that I can see!