Facebook implementation

Implementation of FB works poor or not at all. It looks simple. What can I do?

Can you be more specific? Provide examples, descriptions of the problem, of what you tried. Not really sure what you mean.

Sorry Duncan, I was not clear.
On https://macsites.nl/meedoen.html, the left FB-icon directs to the FB group, the right FB-icon (How do I get it bigger?) shares the site on FB. That’s fine.
Sparkle documentation promises that I can put part of the FB page on my site, but the FB icons stays big & gray. Nothing happens. I tried FB developer pages, but I should not go there. Maybe I also should not get seduced by too many possibilities…

It’s hardly Sparkle’s fault if Facebook’s behavior is schizophrenic :slight_smile:

You can’t make the share icon bigger because it’s generated by Facebook, there’s no developer control over that.

Your page is https://www.facebook.com/mac.sites.3 and entering it in Sparkle’s facebook plugin with the “page plugin” mode produces nothing. This is most likely either because the page is empty or because there are visibility settings on facebook preventing the page from being visible/shared.

If I enter Sparkle’s page it works fine:

So in other words, it is possible, there’s no way for Sparkle to check that everything is set up correctly inside facebook, but you should be able to get it to work.