Facebook Pixel - Code Install x2?

According to the latest 2021 instructions for installing Facebook Pixel, there’s 2 sections. The base code and a secondary code that supposed to be part of the lower footer?? Is that right?

I’ve seen the other posts about using the “embed” function to add the base code, but what about the second part. Do I have to spend the extra $100 to get developer tools to make this work?

A little confusing (thanks Facebook)

I think an embed element should suffice. While they’re going to be adamant about using specific places of the page, it should work anyway, and at least get you started. If at some point you find out that you’d convert x% more if you use different locations for the code, you can assign a monetary value to those conversions and decide if it’s worth getting the developer tools.

As always, much appreciated for the support.
A good French bourbon and a nice rib-eye steak for you, sir.