Facebook Plug in and Safari

I have a FB plug in to show the FB page for the club. Often they have daily info that I want visitors to see. Safari doesn’t like the plug in apparently. When I pull up the site on my computer in Safari I don’t see the FB page that’s referenced by the plug in. Chrome there’s no issue, pops right up.

I assume it’s a security thing. I’d like to make certain that Mac users can view content from the clubs FB page. Any suggestions, work arounds??


Seems to work fine here in Safari. Sometimes it’s a temporary issue, or something specific to your IP address (say if the page was reloaded in preview many times).

thanks, it’s good to know it works for you. I’ll assume it’s a local issue w/ my situation.

Sad news.
Does not work in my Safari browser.

Mr. F. (MacOS Ventura 13.1, Safari 16.2)

thanks for letting me know.

so what do we think? how can I reference that FB page and be certain that it works for all viewers??

Good news - works in Safari 15.6.1 under MacOS Catalina

Works in Safari under iPadOS 16.2, too.

There are a number of issues here in the Mobile site.
Let’s list them.

  1. Font size. Needs to be much larger. Hard to read on my iPhone.

  2. Layout. Cramped in places. Smashed together. Needs to breathe much more.

  3. Facebook plug-in not working on iPhone with latest iOS 16.2. See screenshot. Large black blank space.

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The problem is in Safari settings: Hide IP address from trackers

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sure is. thanks @ikky. I deselected and the FB page shows right up.

Thanks. I’m up for a redo, I’ll simplify the mobile sites.