FAVICON does not display

Can someone give me a hint, why my favicons do not display? In Firefox nothig, in Safarin nothing and in Chrome a black icon, but not the image I woul like to have.
Would be very nice

No one had this problem so far? strange!

I waited a couple days to respond because, assuming you’ve followed Sparkle instructions perfectly, favicon issues are usually caused by cache timing. Each browser (on device), Sparkle, and your web host all use caches to store web files. Caches are not updated by their respective software/systems as often as one would like. So it can take a few days for favicons to be updated across the web.

Sparkle does a great job with favicons if you have the image sizes and file types correct. Transparency also plays a role in your images displaying correctly. Sparkle places the favicons in your sites root directly, do not change this location. This is not ideal, but it’s how Sparkle works.

Start by clearing the cache in each browser then closing the browser. Next go into Sparkle, Preferences, and remove the Publishing Cache. Close Sparkle then reopen and publish your site again. If after a couple of days the favicons are not displaying, clear the cache on your web host. You may have to contact your web host.

If none of the above works, then you have issues with your favicon file types. Redo and repeat all the steps above.

In my case, it took a few weeks instead of days. After a while I hosted a clients concept so completely new site which did show the favicon, so I trusted the instructions and was patient. After a few weeks it started to show on my own site as well.

Thanks Karin, so I hope that for me too. Actually it does not, but I am confident. Thanks and nice day. Eugene

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