Feature request: Stay on top

I guess this is a feature request. Every time I add content to any of the pages, it will be positioned on top of all the other items.This means it always overlaps the navigation menu. But the navigation menu always stays in top. It has been on many occasions that I forget to move the menu to the top again.

Can there be a box that can be ticked to indicated something always stays on top on all pages?

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Thanks for the suggestion. We do have plans for this.


Good to hear! I was just thinking of dropping in and making this same suggestion. :slight_smile:

Note: As long as you’re doing this for the navigation menu/header, can you look into the footer as well? Several times I’ve had content floating on top of the footer pinned to the bottom of the browser, until I go in and manually move the footer to the top of the stack on the affected pages.


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