Feature Suggestions

Sparkle has come a long way. It’s a pleasure to use now!. Great job team!
I would like to see a couple of features in a future release.
a) I would like an option to set Sparkle to open the most recent file when invoked.
b) My business is security and personal protection. Visitors to my site would like to send their comments / inquiries discreetly. I would like a way to send my contact form encrypted.

Perhaps one or both of these are already possible in Sparkle?


Hi @alcasey, Sparkle already does reopen the latest file (but you need to check the setting in the system preferences, general section).

I’m not really sure how to encrypt the contact form in a way that would work with email standards. I’m sure there are services that do this, but it’s not built-in in Sparkle.

On my wish list:
The font size for a text should be maintained for each device and should not be scaled (reduced).
Example: 12pt text for PC becomes 4pt for smartphone. It is very difficult to read then. OK, you can adjust the style sheet and fix it. However, I think that the font should remain the same size for every device.

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Is it possible to develop an edit mode like pages s using? I have combinations of text and images. Once I add a sentence I need to move all the images manually. I would prefer that they would all move with the text.

Please not…

The text scaling exists to be able to fit all content in one device on a different device. 960 is 3 times 320, so the font is reduced by 3 times: 12 -> 4. So the scaling makes everything fit in 320 with no ambiguity.

Your suggestion is something we also want. What is missing is how, or what to do.

Keeping the text at 12pt and? Making all text boxes scale and clip their content? Enlarging text boxes to fit the contained text and what about visual relationship with other elements that interact with the text?

I’d say YES to clipping the box. Resize it to see the complete content. You (meaning myself) have to rearrange the smaller layout anyway. When i have 4 columns in the PC size page, i will make it 2 for the smartphone. But i’m not the god of webdesign. Let’s hear what other users say.

As i said before: with changing the styles it can be fixed.

Mr. F.

@Mr_Fozzie, Yes a very interesting topic!

I totally understand the mechanics behind it and it works well. But seeing the whole fixed breakpoints allows for any sort of layout per breakpoint I wonder if we selected the mobile that it drops the tablet device (that’s if we have created it) on the canvas beyond the fixed breakpoint edge-lines allowing for us to rearrange it into the one column mobile design, and of course set all the elements within the devices edge-lines. We then go in and tweak the font style size and reduce the image sizes to suit.

That will be the tricky part because as soon as the User sees elements beyond the device’s edge-lines then they most likely will think great I can make this layout go browser window edge to edge. So I can imagine Duncan would need to find a solution that won’t encourage us to build the mobile layout beyond the devices canvas constraints.

Not that straight forward!

I’m quite new to using Sparkle. I learned from the grandmaster himself. He too adapted the layout for the smartphone and changed the font sizes. This can be seen in the video “Making a page responsive”.