File has gone missing

I recently posted my website ( Now I cant find its Sparkle file on my computer to make changes. Help please. Terry

@shrinx, Welcome onboard and sorry to hear about your predicament.

I am sure your file is somewhere. Have you tried opening up your Finder and searching for “.sparkle”? All your Sparkle projects end in “.sparkle” so hopefully it will make an appearance.
Or you could go to the very top of your Sparkle canvas and by clicking open the downward pointing arrow next to your file name you can see where your file resides, please see screenshot below.

I hope that helps you to find your project file! :slight_smile:

Do you have Time Machine Active?

If you accidentally deleted your file you will be able to retrieve an older copy with Time Machine.

Or in the Finder, Command-F to search your HD. If you cannot remember the name of the file, order your items by type (or software) and then scoll through the results.

Thank you greenskin and Chris. I’ve tried all your suggestions, but that file has simply disappeared. Very weird. I’ll check with the fellow who helps me with my Mac and see if he has other suggestions. Otherwise, it’s back to the virtual drawing board.


You can find the Sparkle app right? Open it and look under File/Open Recent and your file should be in there. Do a Save As and look to see where it wants to Save.

If it proves to truly have disappeared, you could always import your site (assuming it is published). There will probably be some work to get it going again, but at least some of the work will be done…

Thank you gsstamas and vk2003. It is very weird that my site has vanished. I’ll persevere.


  • Open the application
    -go to open recent and select your site
    -Command Key on the name of the file at the top of the window and it should show the path to the file

No can do. It doesn’t show up there either. But thanks.

Is it in the trash?

Did it ever even exist? :face_with_monocle:

A couple of suggestions but may not be relevant:

  1. File may have been created by a different user.
  2. File may have been saved to an external or network drive that isn’t currently connected.

Nope. Not in the trash.

I created and published a website using sparkle, so it was there at one time.

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Huh. I’m the only user and no external drive was attached while using sparkle.

All-in-all, my “problem” is very tiny considering what’s happening to the world today.

Well, yes, but still - pretty depressing. I presume you’ve looked on a backup, Time Machine or otherwise. You can use something like SiteSucker to download the existing site but you’ll then have to munge it back into Sparkle, so not terribly advantageous.

If you want your pages, you can use “Import Page” functions in Sparkle…

Yes, but we love a mystery. Something to distract us LOL

Thanks. I’ll give SiteSucker a look.

Thanks. I may give that a try.