File Sharing between office and on the road

I should know this. I have a couple of large sites (tens of Gb each including assets). Everything is stored in iCloud. I never store the assets within the Sparkle document as I fear the Sparkle file will just be too big. However, that means when opening the file on my laptop, the files have to be republished in full rather than just updated with any new material. And then I have to relink everything manually and that takes hours.

  1. Is that correct?
  2. What is the easiest way to work from different computers using the same iCloud account?


@scoutdesign, Firstly I would embed everything into the Sparkle file document and let it grow. In the end when your Publish Sparkle does its magic and serves up an optimised website.

I have a folder for my Sparkle project and then have a folder in that for my assets (for organisational purposes) and that is it.
This allows me to move it around without anything breaking! :slight_smile:

@greenskin, thanks so much. I’ll give it a go. Happy New Year!

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Because I work on two different computers on different locations, I need the Sparkle file on the cloud storage. Sparkle might know how to compress them for on-line publishing, but the original file will make the Sparkle file stored on the cloud huge. Everytime you make a change, the GB file will be automatically synced again, using a lot of data. Not only sync the changes. To keep the Sparkle file as small as possible, I optimise my pictures first in Affinity Photo, before dropping them into Sparkle. As you can’t crop specific parts of a picture in Sparkle, it is also a good way to get it cropped as desired.
You can store the original files on the Cloud for later access, of course, in a separate folder.