File upload within Sparkle

I’m new the this forum, but I use Sparkle for some time now and read and exercised the documentation. So I hope I won’t ask any “stupid questions”.

Does anyone of the forum members know how to manage file uploads in Sparkle: Web site visitors should be able to upload PDF, JPEG or PGN?

Unfortunately I have no idea how to integrate a file upload feature into Sparkle (via script or however).

Maybe somebody has a “step-by-step” instruction.

Thank you! And stay healthy

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There’s unfortunately no way to do that currently. You can however embed a third party form such as

Thank you for your fast reply. I already knew that this is not possible natively in Sparkle (I read the documentation). And I understand that I can embed a third party form. But how? Is there maybe a kind of ("simple“) instruction? :slightly_smiling_face:

You get the embed code from the source site, paste it into an embed element in sparkle. If you check the video about setting up commerce for example you’ll see the general workflow.

O.k. I’ll check this and (maybe) communicate if I was succsessful. Thank you.
Good bye for now