Fill a Wide Box with video?

Hi team,

Is there any way to have a background video similarly to how we would use a wide box with an image?


@dereklieu, This can’t be done as yet. An alternative is placing a background video on the page - Page / Background / Content / Video and then layering it with a widebox.

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Gotcha! Thanks for that little work-around, very helpful.

If we can add video as page background, can we expect to be able to add video into a wide box sometime soon?

@dereklieu, Sorry I can’t tell you. Like you I am a lover of Sparkle! :slight_smile: That is something @duncan can give you feedback on but I’m sure it is being seriously considered as it has been requested a fair bit now.

Hi, if you like expand Sparkle with custom CSS

Yes, that’s what I did on this website for a local restaurant:
The video shows a couple of boats in the harbor at sunset and a couple of people walking on the dock.
Note that the video is hosted on Vimeo to avoid using too much bandwidth on my own server.
Hope you like it!