Finally started on the Mobile Version but Need Assistance

Hello Everyone! I am very excited as this evening I finally started on and have almost completed my mobile version. I’ve already published what I’ve done BUT I’m still figuring out how to make the header look decent and also how to configure the menu (there’s now no menu on the mobile version).

Would anyone be so kind as to give me some hand-holding here through the process?

Also, do I need to do other layouts? So far I only have the 960 and now the 320 layouts.

My website is The Yumcha Mama


There is no such thing as THE solution. Your first approach is the one described by Duncan in the tutorials. If you have the other formats set to “automatic”, you can easily get into trouble with the font sizes.

A good thought is the one from Greenskin: use 1200, 768 and 320. Set the other two as not available. This will cover almost everything: desktop, tablet and smartphone. On the other hand, you have to edit these three every time you create a new page or change something.

For the 320 px page I advise you to make the font bigger, especially in the header and footer. For the menu I would make only 1 hamburger menu, which is made specifically for the small page. Make sure that the buttons are “finger friendly” big enough.

You need to hide this menu on the other pages. Just like you have to hide the “big” menu on the small page. You see: there is a lot to do.

Mr. F.


Oh Thank you ever so much! I’ve implemented all you have suggested including the screen sizes. The 768 was much faster to do than the 320 but I’m relieved it’s all finally done!

Now I feel I can start writing blog posts and not worrying about the device layout anymore.

Thank you again! You’ve been very kind.

Very nice!
Just one thing I noticed on the mobile version…. You need to use the Arrange Menu of Sparkle to bring your Hamburger Menu to the Front.
As it now stands, it’s one layer back and inaccessible.

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Oh thank you @macmancape! Yes, I am still figuring out the hamburger menu thingy as everything I tried failed. @Mr_Fozzie gave me a good tip I’ll be implementing today so hopefully that will resolve the issue.

Wow! The American School! I used to live nearby there! Give me a shout if you’re ever in town - yes, I know that’s a while away at the moment for all of us :frowning: