Flickr and NanoGallery2

I had some photo albums set up on Flickr and connected to my website via code provided by nanogallery2. It was working well on the website I created with Sparkle (Classmates & Faculty), until it wasn’t working. Not sure at what point the connection was lost but I now get an error: “Nanogallery could not retrieve Flickr ajax data”. Seems like Flickr might be the issue but I am not aware of anything that changed in my account. Thought I would run this by here to see if anyone has ideas on what is actually happening.

@updeinva, because you have embedded the NonGallery2 code into Sparkle, the issue would be in how NonGallery2 is talking to Flickr. Flickr might have updated their ajax code and NonGallery2 hasn’t accounted for it yet.

I think it would be best to get hold of NonGallery2 and let them know about the issue…