Floatable add to every page

I may of missed how to do but is there a way or will there be away to add to every page without it being locked into that position meaning floatable that I can move it on pages that are longer or shorter or I just do not want it in that exact spot.

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean… are you referring to something moving along with the bottom of the page?

Under “Arrange” “show on all pages” when selected it locks it on all pages in the location if moved it moves on all pages. It would be nice to be able to move the object on another page floatable or positionable not changing all pages.

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I’m no expert but couldn’t you place the element on each page individually rather than set it up to appear on all pages, that way you could place each one where you wanted it. Or do you have too many pages for that?

Pretty much the only other option currently. Having a common element on all pages (or sections) makes sense to have that automated. But some aspects of this should have more granular control I think.

So I think I understand what you mean, but “it would be nice” is a bit of a weak motivation. What’s the specific use case?

Granular control many instances where you want to make custom pages where you do not want it to have the identical look of all the other pages.

To be able to reuse an item block on all pages but be custom enough to be locked in position by default on main pages but not all pages.

Example could be a sub menu below header or header title block size on main page but maybe smaller on all other pages and or text content changed as a service based company that offers many different services it is very helpful to title page but to create new header for each and every page

biggest instance is footer most of my pages are not the same length so I made a pre made template then dragged the footer way to the bottom so i could fill in content.

this would make it much easier to just have it selected on all pages but not locked in to a absolute position.

Ok thanks. I think this is two or three distinct features. The page bottom is already addressed by making the elements “follow footer”, their position is still absolute but relative to the page bottom instead of the page top.

Really appreciate it i do not know how i over looked that