Fluent Forever 2021

Made with Sparkle 3: https://fluent-forever.com/app/

This site design increased our conversion 30% overnight, and we’ve almost fully moved off of Wordpress. Thanks Duncan and team!


@WebRoyal, Oooo totally loving it - a website done well! :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t even know it was built with Sparkle because it has everything you need so I can see why you have said bye bye WordPress!

Are you maintaining it for your client; like edits, future updates, etc…?
Overall a great job! :slight_smile:

@greenskin I took over as their full-time Head of Growth!

Something rather strange happens on my iMac when viewing your website. It’s really weird because I can’t even take a screenshot of the issue. If I try the mac screenshot utility, the problem doesn’t appear in the screenshot. So, I took a picture with my phone to show what happens.

As I start to scroll your web page a streaked version of your header image appears on my desktop immediately above the browser window. I’ve never seen this before on any website. Did you add something to your site in the way of code that could affect computers??? Is anyone else seeing this? It only seems to happen in Safari - Chrome is OK.

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@francbrowne, Ohhh, you are right. I have just had a look on Safari and I see the same thing! And strangely it just happens on the home page.

I viewed it in Brave and that was AOK this morning my time.

@greenskin Weird behaviour and very unusual! I was beginning to think it was my system but apparently not as you are seeing the same thing. It will be interesting to see if anyone else is seeing this. Meanwhile, thanks for confirming the issue - you’ve put my mind at rest.

I see it above and under the Safari window. Firefox is OK.

Good Morning.
Same her. Above and right from browser window (Mac OS Big Sur and Safari).
Mr. F.

Very lovely site design, well done :slight_smile:

I had a similar issue with this same problem when experimenting in Sparkle. I think at the time. Duncan said it was a bug in Safari, I was on Catalina at the time. I might be completely wrong, but it will be interesting to see what Duncan says.


Just spoken to Apple support about this. They were able to replicate the issue but they have absolutely no reports of this happening on other websites using the Safari Browser. That said, they are going to investigate further. Their initial response is that it is a website-specific issue that should be investigated by the website developer. I doubt it is a Sparkle problem either as I haven’t seen this with any other Sparkle-built websites. I’m sure if it was a bug in either Sparkle, Safari or the OS, we would see many complaints on technical forums. After doing an extensive search on the Internet, I haven’t found any other users experiencing this or similar issues. Maybe @duncan can take a look at the site and throw some light on what may be causing this problem. Meanwhile, the advice from Apple is to exercise caution visiting the site. To get rid of the stray desktop image just use the screenshot shortcut ctrl-shift-4. This will remove the stray image. Be sure to close the site tab before doing it otherwise it will come back.

I filed a bug with the Apple Webkit team back in May. My guess is not many websites use backdrop filters.

@Duncan the workaround in this case would be for me to apply this filter to the image in Photoshop, rather than use a Sparkle layer?

It’s only background filters, not image filters, so you need to apply the filter to what’s behind the element in question yes. Pre-applying it in photoshop would work.

Very nice site. Not sure if you already fixed the issue that some others have noted about Safari, but I did not experience the issue highlighted. Using Mac with latest version of Big sur and Safari

The site layout is great, however that background spill-out is really bad. I’m on Catalina-iMac and the spill remains even if Safari is quit and, doesn’t go away unless something else draws over it or I log-out.
Nasty way to ruin an otherwise great site design.

Heh, hardly a problem of the site. It’s a pretty spectacular failing of macOS.

Don’t be so quick to pass the blame to macOS. This or similar issues exist in all browsers when implementing in-browser background filtering. Coders told me current HTML/CSS does not reliably support in-browser background filtering.

It’s always best to do all design work outside of Sparkle, such as image filtering, in a good design program where the designer has total control. Sparkle is not a design program, it’s a container.

Nice looking page. I like it really

Very nicely done and I do not have the problem in Safari