Fly-Out Menu einbinden

I would like to include a flyout menu. Is that possible?

@Michi_2606, Yes it is possible…
Create a popup in a “modal / lightbox” and then animate it as a fade from one of the edges.

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I have to do it to show a text.

Would make for a great short video tutorial presented on the Sparkle website.

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Hallo Grünhaut, danke für den Hinweis. Aber es ist nicht so, wie ich es mir vorstelle.

Hello @Michi_2606

I’m not sure @greenskin will understand your answer in German.

We would like to help you with your menu using the new popup feature in Sparkle, and I think it can be done, but we need more information from you:

  1. What exactly have you been trying to do?
  2. Can you describe the steps?
  3. Can you post screenshots?

That will give us a better understanding.

Right now it is too difficult for us to imagine what you are trying to achieve. And so we can not come up with a solution.

Thank you.

Hello, I found the bug. The page was published by Google and there was Grünskin. Ü is a German letter and I am sure he is a German!
I’m trying to explain this with the flyout menu! But I have to do it later, I just don’t have time. Thank you!

Sorry @Michi_2606 , no not a German on this end - South African / Dutch instead, but I got the guest of what you were saying.

But like @Shadowfax mentioned, a bit more information and screenshot / link showing us a bit more can greatly help! :slight_smile:

Good morning Grünhaut, here’s what I want to do. I have a headline and text or information about it. I would like this text or information to be able to be expanded and collapsed again. Unfortunately, my English is not perfect, that’s why I trust the Google translator. Sorry

I hope do you understand what i mean!
Thank you!

Yep understand @Michi_2606, thanks. Unfortunately that is something Sparkle isn’t able to do.

You could use Sparkle 3’s new popup feature so when someone hovers over the title the popup appears above it, but it would need to be for small amounts of text.

Hello Grünhaut, thanks for your answer. I would like to try your idea.
Best regards to South africa.