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In my webpage I have a lot of pdf documents for download. It would be nice to have the possibility to have handy (for example in the side bar) the Folder with all the attached documents.

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@PaoloPa, Did you notice that if you have a button or text that you can “On Click” and you can add pdf like you mentioned. But have you noticed you have a list of the pdfs attached? Please see screenshot…

I guess it would be better if we had an area assigned to attachments in the future! :slight_smile:

That was I asking for :smiley:
A folder that you can use to delete, add, rename, etc all your attach files

Sparkle does create a folder in the published site named downloads. All your attached pdf’s go there. When you publish your site to your server, the download folder goes along for the ride. If you have a need to change those files in the future, you don’t even have to open sparkle, just send the new version of the PDF to the downloads folder in your website. The only time you would need to open a sparkle is if you were adding a NEW pdf.

Yes, I knew that. But it could be useful to have the possibility to operate on the attachments also when working with Sparkle. Also great would be the possibility to divide the attachments in different folders, for example for each page or group of pages.

What’s the use case? Why do you have so many attachments and need fine grained control?

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I was wondering the same. I think it’s important to maintain the core function of Sparkle as a website builder, rather than implement tools for server organisation. Personally, if I had a need to segregate things into various folders, I would simply create the folders on the web server, complete with their content, and use URL links in the sparkle project to access those files and folders. As I mentioned in a previous post, it becomes simpler to update non-HTML content by simply uploading changed content to the server, rather than firing up sparkle every time.

Maybe is right francbrowne.
My web page is a personal one and, as retired professor, it is very similar to the official academic webpages with all the publications and articles with downloadable contents.
I have also a blog with the need to attach some documents.
Maybe it was better to use external links to download the attachments.

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Well, of course having all your documents in domain folders does mean you can link to them from various sources, blogs, social media and other websites if necessary, so I understand the need for organisation. I’m sure you will find a way to deal with it - hopefully a nice simple solution.

Thanks to both for the help

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Well actually the question didn’t have the purpose of shooting you down. We do care about improving areas we didn’t foresee, even if it’s not a quick and easy fix.

My question might be a bit too blunt, it’s just an occupational hazard (that’s how you deal with stubborn compilers and computers), or a character trait, not an attempt to push back.


Hi guys,
I have a similar question. My site contains some PDF files and one of them is hi res 38 MB. On click using the option “download file” there are 2 options: “save in document” and “save at original location”. Is it OK to store all the PDF’s, including the heavy one, in the site? Or is there a way to set the original location as an URL in the assets folder on the server?
Thank you all, especially for patience with us newbies :smiley:

@Karin, Keeping your pdfs in “save in document” will allow you to move your Sparkle file around if needed without breaking connection to your pdfs - everything is contained within the Sparkle file and just fyi the pdfs inside your Sparkle file are copies of the original.

Whichever method you use, Sparkle will still publish your pdfs appropriately on the server.

Hi Hendrik, thanks again! Will storing in the Sparkle file not slow down the entire site? That’s my only worry.

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@Karin, No. What you have on your local machine is your Sparkle mother file… What Sparkle publishes to the server is an optimised coded (html/CSS/javascript) website with optimised images and all.

I guess if your machine is a bit lacking in grunt then the bigger your Sparkle file is could have you see issues, but the smart Sparkle accommodates for that as well.

OK, that will do. The hi res file is only for the very interested, there is also a 3 MB option. Thanks again, my site is growing step by step! Still love Sparkle and almost forgot Muse :hugs: