Folders created by sparkle

Can anyone tell me if Sparkle creates a folder called “resources” on the server when it uploads?

We used to use Freeway and I think it might be leftover from that but I am loathe to delete it without being sure.

I will back it up before deleting anyway just to be on the safe side but don’t want to delete something that Sparkle needs.


Yes it’s a leftover. You can safely delete it.

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Thanks Gjo, nice to have it confirmed :slight_smile:

FWIW, what I do is rename the folder, e.g. “pix” becomes “pix_OLD_TO_DELETE__”. Then I use a tool to check for broken links and wait for a few weeks, just in case. If nothing breaks, then I delete the folder.

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Thanks @habboud that’s a good tip. :+1: