Folders within sections

When you have a lot of pages inside a section, it becomes uneasy to find a specific page. If it could be possible to create folders – just folders, without any other function than to create a better order –, it would be a great improvement.

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I am not sure if I understand the problem correctly.
But sparkle supports folders.
I made it so that each section “lives” in its own folder.
See here in the documentation: Clean URL’s (with folders)

Mr. F.

Thanks for the reply, but that’s not my topic.

Imagine that your Sparkle project has 1000 pages. You want to change something in one of the pages in your Sparkle project: how do you find this page? By scrolling?

@Angel49, i thought you were getting at that.

The obvious is to scroll for the page, but if you have “thumbnails” turned off then you get to just see the name of the pages which might make things easier for you?

Not realy, because I have a lot of name pages strating with the same words, as you can see:

OK. Now I understand the problem.

On the one hand you can “collapse” the section so that only the name is visible, but on the other hand you can’t change the width of the left column in the UI. But this has been suggested before, that you can adjust this width.

That would be a great improvement.


@Mr_Fozzie, Ditto! :slight_smile:

It would be, yes.
And the possibility to create folders inside the sections would also be :wink:

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I am mystified by the absence of the ability to re-size the Pages/Thumbnails column. Is this a stylistic choice or is it difficult to program?

I feel very confident in seeing this in the next big update for the reason it has been talked/asked about a real lot! :slight_smile:

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Having recently worked on it, I can say that it’s difficult to program in our specific case. It’s not a complex issue per se, we are a bit stuck with our support for 10.9-11.3, and specifically the 10.9-10.13 range. Harder to test, harder to debug, Apple doesn’t really care about compatibility going that much back so it’s trial and error on our side. It is very likely that we’ll have to support at least 10.9 soon, because of this situation.

Thanks for the clarification.
I don’t understand how operating systems affect column width flexibility, but if it’s tricky, I can only hope you find your way through the unpredictabilities.
As I often like to say, “Reality is all I have to work with.”