Font color between devices/breakpoints

Adding to my recent topic about font styles I also get an issue with the font colour changing between devices for no reason - as you may see I use a yellow, which then appears in my color tab as well - changing to the next smaller device, this yellow disappears and gets white. I started with a blank new page - just in case that there is a glitch on my original project, which can be watched btw here: steinmetzin-sein
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Sorry it’s unclear what the problem is. What leads to the color changing? There isn’t enough information or detail to understand what is going on.

Sparkle’s handling of color is a bit different than most apps, and we are aware the user interface doesn’t convey this enough. I am referring specifically to color wells being synchronized across elements that make use of them.

This sounds different though, so you need to clarify what the setup is.

…, I deinstalled the “web fonts”, in order to let sparkle create its own web font from the desktop fonts. Now it seems like it solved two issues at once - the one with the font-colour and the other one with the font from the other post.
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Solved as well,
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