Font mess working on different computers

Hi there,

here is todays problem (actually it´s bothering me for a while, but as usual I think it must be something so obvious that asking you folks could be embarrassing):

I work from two different Macs (both mine) on the the file. Whenever I open the file from Mac 1 (iMac) everything is ok. Whenever I open the file from Mac 2 (MacBookPro) AFTER I previously opened (even without changing anything on the file) it on Mac 1 all the fonts I use (I use 2 different fonts: Architect´s daughter for the titles and Trebuchet MS for the texts) remain in the right format as seen in the Preview shot, but appear differently on the Sparkle canvas (also see screenshot).

Both fonts I am using are installed on both Macs. What am I missing here?


Hi @ThomasC, sorry about the trouble. By “installed in both macs” I assume you mean the fonts are installed in both Sparkle instances. Sparkle will make you install it if it’s not, anyway.

While it certainly looks like it could be a Sparkle issue, some more things to try to figure it out:

  • are you using the AppStore version of Sparkle? Or the version from our website?
  • are you using the latest version of Sparkle (2.8.12)? We have fixed a few things in this area over time.
  • is the macOS on each Mac different? We have seen differences in the way different versions of macOS save rich text, and had to add specific code to smooth it out, can’t rule out one more glitch in that area.

It looks like the fonts haven’t been set up for use in Sparkle on one of your machines. Fonts have to be added to sparkle to make them available. Check your sparkle app on the laptop to see if they have been installed in Sparkle. If the font doesn’t appear in your font list, add it as shown below:

Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 15.19.20

@francbrowne Yeah, that is not the problem. The screenshots are taken from Mac 2 / laptop. As you can see there, one of the relevant fonts is installed. So is the other one. It just does not show on the canvas, but does show on the preview.

It remains a mystery…

Hi @duncan!

Yes, the fonts are installed in both Sparkle instances.

I am using the AppStore version.
I am using Sparkle 2.8.12.
YES. The MacOS is indeed different. It is HighSierra on the MacBookPro and the latest MacOS on the iMac.

Yeah high sierra vs. catalina would trigger the issue, but as far as I am aware we have fixed the bugs related to that scenario. I think it might be best if you get in touch via email and we look at your project files.

All right, will do. Thanks so much!