Font settings are not as easy as expected

No matter what, I cannot set my title-text to a certain font, installed “correctly”? First, I do not get a message, that the font installed correctly. When setting this font as my title-text (or headline or what ever) it always snaps back to Lato instead of Strawford, which I have the webfont from, of course.
So setting Strawford and clicking on “accept changes” or what ever in English, it always snaps back to LATO.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-06 um 11.53.33

I started with a new blank site/page with nothing on it but still the font appears in the style panel with an asterisk, which indicates that there are two font styles of the same name or different fonts in that font style. I am wondering what to do.
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Playing around I found out that STRAWFORD is kind of the only font which lets snap back to LATO. Most of the other fonts are “accepted” when clicking on “accept changes”. So it is something with the font? But what? My fonts folder for Strawford looks like this:

As mentioned over email (please only use one support channel), this is because the font is designed to not be used in desktop apps, so it changes its own internal signature every time it’s loaded. This prevents Sparkle from using it directly. You can add the .ttf font in Sparkle and Sparkle will derive its own webfonts from that, as a workaround.

After the great support from Duncan, I deinstalled the “web fonts”, in order to let sparkle create its own web font from the desktop fonts. Now it seems like it solved two issues at once - the one with the font and the one with the font-colour from the other post.
Gorgeous. THX

This issue is solved.
Thx Duncan,