Font Size Standards

I’ve being reading up about what generally is perceived to be the ‘best’ or most user friendly / readable font size for web design. The answer from the articles I have read say that 16 point is generally seen as the ‘standard’ for body text etc.

This to me makes a lot of sense, it’s not too small and not too big!

But my question is, if this is regarded as the optimum font size for desktop web browsers why is it that Sparkle will scale this font size on a device basis.

Surely it would be better to keep the 16 point size for all desktop devices and also for tablet devices.

Then just use a different font size for the mobile device size?

Maybe @duncan could comment on this?



Yo también tengo esta pregunta!!

I’d love sparkle to auto build for mobile, that would take a mile of pain out of making a website. That’s why I use mobirise.

This site has a handy conversion table…

Hi Scott,

Duncan had a good explanation on why Sparkle scales text down for various devices in his reply to my Sort of similar question in this thread.

Hope that helps.


@Charlie Thanks Charlie, Hopefully in a future release of Sparkle app, the work flow and design of the app will be enhanced to better deal with device layouts :slight_smile:
Thanks Charlie, and I’m still using your free stack theme on one of my sites, I’m not able to do do the site in sparkle app in it’s present iteration because of some fundamentals of part of the site design. Hopefully one day I can re-do it in Sparkle.