Footer ideas for 320px page

I’ve got a standard footer on a 960px. In the footer a Twitter and Facebook icon, and an address. Next column in the footer is a phone number and charity number. 3rd column are a couple of regional links.
Now moving to the 320px variant, I’ve got to find a place for at least some of this.
As I understand I can hide some text, but can I make the text as no color on the 320px page? That way I can hide parts of the text on an iPhone footer. Just doing some planning in advance for my pages.
I’m sure this has come up before, but just needed a couple of ideas. That 320px page footer is going to be far different than the standard 960 length. Many thanks

The simplest advice I can give on this @Woodrow, is to stack the footer content forming a single column allowing mobile users also to have access to the footer information you have on desktop.

As @greenskin mentioned, you can rearrange the footer text blocks and social icons to conform to a vertical, single column on the 320px page. That way, you don’t have to eliminate any of the footer info.

If you want to drop some footer info from your 320px page, you could render some text blocks invisible by using a fill color of “none”, but why not simply hide specific text blocks or icons for that page?

Thanks gentlemen. I was more or less thinking out loud on this one. Good ideas. I’ll certainly try stacking, and probably make some portions on the text invisible.