Footer | Page height limited?

Hello dear “Sparkler”!

What am I doing wrong!?
I am sitting here for hours and try to get the footer right.

It just doesn’t stick to the foot of the page. Grrr!
My homepage is shorter than the other pages.
Is there a limit of page height for the footer?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Sunny greetings from Berlin!

Here is a screenshot from the website I am working on.
As you can see the footer doesn’t stick to the foot of page.


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try to make the side longer, so that you can scroll in this side. And then try to stick it to the end of the page again.

Thank you for your advice.

I want that my HOME page is smaller than the other pages, so that I do not see “just white”. I was expecting that “Follow Footer” would do its job, e.g. stick to the foot of page.

If the side is to short, I think it will happen in some other formats that the bottom footer will appear with a white space over and under it.

Thank you.

I started the website from scratch.

Sometimes starting from scratch (copy and paste images and text from one page to the other) is easier than playing around with a possibly “damaged” design and “ripped coding”. Now everything is running smoothly. Hopefully!

Started with breakpoint 960 and now will work on breakpoint 320. I hope it all will fall smoothly into place.


I really enjoy to work with Sparkle!

Nice! On your Dialogue page you need to bring the menu to the front. You might also consider using Stick to Top for your menu. This is on the mobile size.

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Thank you very much! You are kind.

Where do I find “stick to top” for the menu?

Found it. Had first to group.


Created a box. Grouped box and menu. That made it.

Thank you.

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