Form display problem with layout block(s)

Developing a form (questionnaire) with multiple parts - seemingly perfect for use of layout blocks. Each of the layout blocks contains various related text blocks, input texts, notations, titles, etc. All the items in each layout block are grouped, in the proper z-order. It all seems to work correctly, prompting input texts through the form - across layout block boundaries - to the end. Except 1 thing:

The borders of the text input items are missing when displayed in all of the layout blocks EXCEPT the first (top) one - if it contains 3 text inputs, all show borders! If I switch the top two layout blocks, the “new” top blocks displays its text inputs’ borders, and all others don’t display borders. If I put the whole contents of the form in ONE layout block, all to the text inputs display a border (my only known fix so far).

Is it a requirement that all elements of a “form” can only reside in one layout block? The other form features (identifying all text inputs, the “reply-to” email item, tabbing z-order, etc.) seem to be correct across multiple layout blocks. Or is this a bug, perhaps an early exit from a loop through the layout blocks in a page while drawing some borders therein? Or the “loss” of the border color between two blocks?

Hi @JBTexas, not aware of this issue, maybe there’s a bug we need to look into. Could you send us the project file, or even just the form page, to check this out?