Form Email Edit Layout?

Is it possible to edit the layout of the Form Elements Collected and received in the email? I have 8 elements, a combination of checkboxes and text input.

A simple line space between each element would make it easier to read.

Or either the element or the text input bold?

Not currently possible. But it’s an increasingly frequent request.

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Thank you for the quick reply!

I am very happy I created a form that works and all the information is there.


I think this is going to be a real challenge. No two forms are the same and each template for the mail has to be generated by Sparkle.

The customization again opens sources of errors.

I remember an ancient CGI script called AilienForm. It was often abused as a spam distributor. There the webmaster could create and store a text file in which the form fields were inserted. Also there you could do a lot wrong.

But all this contradicts the intention of Sparkle to work without coding. It should be as simple as possible for the user.

I leave this to the developers.

Mr. F.

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