Form not emailing back to my account

I have the form built as it was in my first website, Including the .php on my thank you page!

I have confirmed multiple ways that the email account hosted by godaddy sends and receives correctly.

the form is not sending through, I tried both email via web server and custom smtp.

I’m missing something. for the test site location


The only difference I see is the first website has no shared image selection and the new site does.

Did you give your thank-you page a .PHP extension???

Yes as stated above. And thanks for Catching that.
Its why I added it.

I seem to recall you’re on GoDaddy? They have specific mail form requirements:

  • set the server type to custom SMTP server
  • set the custom SMTP server name to
  • set the port to 25
  • leave username and password

Just attempted, Still not working.

That’s information for actual email, nothing to do with email originating from your website.

This is more relevant:

If email is not coming through you might have a configuration that’s making all emails detected as spam.

You need to set the above settings, and try the technique mentioned in our form documentation:

  • go to
  • get a temporary email address
  • plug it into your form as the receipient
  • send a test form
  • go back to the results page

If the mail is coming through, that will tell you what the problem is.

This is from first site, and it is working

from the Page you sent me to.

Send form mail using an SMTP relay server

If you want to use your website to send form mail, like submissions to a contact us form, you’ll need to connect to our mail relay server.

Sending mail through other providers isn’t allowed, so you’ll need to use the following settings:

Port: 25
SMTP Authentication: False or none
SSL or Secure Connection: None
Server or Host: The relay server you need to use depends on the type of hosting and script you use. What type of hosting account do I have?

Linux (cPanel)

Use localhost unless:

  • You use PHP script and the mail() function.
  • You use Perl script and the /usr/lib/sendmail binary.

In those cases, you do not need to specify a relay server.

Are we Using PHP and mail( )function?

Apologies but I don’t know what the first site is or where it’s hosted.

How did the test go?


@jfmusic, A couple of things I can suggest…

  • go over your spelling so to make sure 100%
  • you don’t have an SSL Certificate against your domain name… some hosts flag that and certain things won’t work correctly
  • and why is your domain name, but your email address is
  • last resort, delete everything off your hosting server and have Sparkle Publish your total website all over site again

I spent 4.5 hours on 3 phone calls with godaddy trying to proof why this isn’t working.

The last guy who seemed competent to me, ended up copying and pasting the code from the Jfmconsulting website (which is working) into the Jayjordanfarber website, and it then went through.

Proofing that there is something wrong with the code being produced for

How do we fix this?

How did the test go?

The firsts time it came back with a 2.5.

Just checked again and its 2.6.
DKIM signature is not valid

Right, so get that to 9 or 10 and email will work again. I don’t know how to help you with email configuration, you need to talk to the domain people.

According to them, it worked when they copied and pasted the code form JFM site to JAYJOrdan site, for the forms.

So as far as they see it … it’s the code geared for that is failing.

Its not because of the 2.6 number, THEY ARE the HOSTING Service for both the website and the email, they should know if they are blocking themselves.

GoDaddy is to hosting as Wordpress is to website building. GoDaddy is usually the problem. I see this all the time with new clients. Setting up an email form is not hard or complicated, especially for a competent hosting service. If the problem truly was in Sparkle’s code, a competent hoster could tell you exactly why.

There are three components to hosting;

  • Website
  • Email
  • Domain
    All three have to be in sync to work.

GoDaddy sites are notorious for scoring low in Mail Tester due to their back-end configuration and reputation as a spam hoster. With a score of 2.6 your email will be blocked by nearly all spam software. Until you get a score of 9-10 you’re wasting time with everything else. One of the reasons for a low score is a lack of a SSL certificate.

Good news is you’re still in the early phase of your site. This is the best time to move to a good hosting service.

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The Next thing will be asking you and the community for is Competent hosting services, which is why I bought your app and am rebulding my websites in the first place.

I later tried another computer and it worked.
Went back to my Main CPU and it is now working as well.
Part of my great frustration is not knowing if it’s the App a bug, the Hosting service, that is causing my issues.

We’'ll go with mostly the hosting service for the moment.

Thanks Duncan.

Sparkle’s mail sending code is not at fault. Mail going through with one domain is proof it works.

Mail goes through with one domain and not the other most likely due to an incorrect SPF or DKIM configuration on the domain, which the report is most likely to be showing. Everybody has spam filters, including for internal email.

And, surprise!, GoDaddy support is clueless.

Now please do what you have to fix that score, and mail will work.