Form not emailing back to my account

If this is your first site, then the subsequent sites will be much easier. We’ve all gone through this learning too.

This is why we help each other, someone helped us long the way.

When it gets really frustrating, take a break, and crank up some good music.

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@jfmusic, We offer eco-hosting services to our clients and for the last 2 odd years we have had no issues with any of the Sparkle projects and sending receiving emails, so…

  • place a SSL Certificate against the domain you are using for your emails… this needs to be addressed because some hosting services is now assigning spam flags against non SSL emails
  • move on from the cost cutting clueless GoDaddy… they do not have a good track record with their services, but they are cheap and in the end you get what you pay for

In the end we either have user error (sorry) or a mismatched technical error on GoDaddy’s end.

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Sorry, when you say we, whom Are you referring to?

@jfmusic, I’m referring to me, Myself, & I plus my lovely wife! :)…

Are you affiliated with a data center with multiple site redundancy?

I guess I should really ask whats the website name fo rthe company so ai can
research. Thanks

@jfmusic, We rent space on a data-centre here in Australia which is carbon neutral and which we offer to our clients via a cPanel, etc… no affiliation, just a service (of 8 years) we have added to our branding and web design studio.

@greenskin What Hoster is that? I am very keen to get eco hosting. Happy to get pm for you if you want. Thanks

10 months later you reach out…

@jfmusic It’s been a while since we’ve seen jfmusic — their last post was 9 months ago.

can say the same :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have a problem here, and instead of posting it I have searched the forum first, saw this post and another post fixed my issue actually.
The power of a search function :slight_smile:

@MiWe, Thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

I have been for the last 6 years with Crucial Hosting based here in Australia. Nearly three of those 6 years I have been working with Sparkle and I can say I have had no glitches, no cache issues, no nothing when it comes to hosting Sparkle websites so totally happy with the experience! :slight_smile:

Admittingly it isn’t the cheapest but in my game I need reliability and Crucial Hosting is always keeping up with the latest especially PHP and is always their and diligent when a niggle does come up! :slight_smile:

They also allow me to offer my clients carbon neutral hosting which is a big thing for us! :slight_smile:
Knowing that the web now gives off more CO2 when compared to the aviation industry it is important for us to help curb this as best we can. There is so much more we do on this side regarding this but that can be for another day.

Happy hunting! :slight_smile:

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Hey @greenskin thanks for your insight.
Sounds everything very exciting, and yes I agree with you with being carbon neutral, the world needs to start somewhere and everyone get a part of it.

I am always happy to hear your more on this side what you’re doing different than others.
Thinking for a long time to become carbon neutral with my services, my new house and office will be much more carbon neutral already.

I think my difference to others is already being a tradie, I understand the needs for the construction industry, and other is I am supporting the LGBTIQ community, being one of them I also understand the needs and can support that community in a trustful manner with my services.

@MiWe, There are so many things that can be done, like…

  • Part of the project cost goes to a “genuine” organisation helping out the environment
  • Calculating your carbon footprint and reducing it the best way you can and then offset the rest
  • Helping a local group that is into environment causes
  • And the list goes on…

One thing I need to add!!!
For the majority of so called environmental NGOs, even the big ones, they are wolves in sheep clothing - they are charlatans and in most cases doing the bidding of the polluting corporations!!! :frowning:

Follow the money trail and you will see the charlatans who say they are 100% in helping the environment but in actually fact the exact opposite! :frowning:

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Thanks @greenskin, really appreciated your input.

How did you find out that your Hoster is doing the right thing?
How cam I follow the money trail?