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Hello, I tried to add a video to my web design and I got this message. The video file isn’t in a recognized format. I used a .mov file. It’s the most used video file. Any help would be appreciated.



*.mov files are accepted as video.

Did you read the documentation? [Link to documentation]
Please describe the steps how you proceeded.

Mr. F.

Hi @stuwalk7,

Video files are a bit of a mess due to them being container formats (empty boxes, so to speak), where a myriad of encoding formats can be used for video and audio. Additionally, since most video players play any format, the file extension is mostly ignored and has become irrelevant.

Sparkle is filtering the video format type based on what most browsers accept, and today that is h.264 encoded video and mp3 audio, in an mpeg4 container.

So one option is to configure your video editor to output that, and the other is to use a tool to re-encode video in the correct format (transcoder).

One such tool is, a free tool that does a great job and by default outputs web-compatible video. Be sure to check handbrake’s “web optimized” checkbox (not enabled by default), which makes the video begin streaming faster.


No need to use another App. You already have the best options on your Mac.

Right click (two finger tap on trackpad) on the video file. Go to the bottom of the menu that opens and select Encode Selected Video Files. Choose the H.264 option with the the corresponding aspect ratio you want.

Another option is to double-click on the video. Quicktime App will open. Select Export As. Select the aspect ratio you want and an H.264 file will be created.

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