Forms will no longer send

It appears I have yet again broken Sparkle. As of last night I cannot get any of my “sparkle created” forms to send. I have not changed anything on the sites and PHP has been updated to the newest build. Am I missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


You should first check with your hosting company to ensure that the PHP sendmail function is enabled and working. They can check from their side very easily. You should also ask them if there has been a policy change which may restrict the forwarding of emails to addresses outside of the domain (on the assumption you may be using an email address that isn’t associated with your domain - i.e. gmail or some other) If all is ok at the hosting end, you should check that your site is fully uploading and isn’t leaving anything behind. If all else fails, it may be best to use the SMTP mail function so that replies get routed through one of your standard email accounts.

Hi @bobsandifer, sorry about the trouble. The internet is constantly in flux, and the most likely issue is tightened spam filters. Can you paste a screenshot of your form button so I can check if everything is ok there?

No worries Duncan. Im sure it will get sorted out. I have a feeling it is my fault. The server is ours so if you need access just let me know.

That generally should be ok (unless you have custom domain records for spam prevention, which I assume you don’t). What we recommend in this case is to replace your To address with an address you get from – then publish again, send a test form, and check back on what they receive. If they never receive anything you need to ask your web host, if they do receive something it should mention any spam issues with your domain.

That didn’t work either. I assume it is something happening on my server. Its so odd how it just stopped working. We didn’t do an update to anything so I am sorting though everything now. Thank you for the help