Forward/backward arrows on blog post

Just made a website that includes a blog. It’s set to show 5 blog posts/page. But the forward and backward arrows and blog page numbers are appearing in the middle of the 5th post, not at the end, as you can see in this picture from my website.

The actual box with the arrows and page numbers appears in the same place in my Sparkle blog index page, as can be see here.

That box was automatically created. I didn’t place it or drag it anywhere, I only created each separate blog post. So not sure how to get that box to appear appropriately at the bottom of every page of 5 posts.

Hey zim528.

I also use Sparkle for blogging and take advantage of Sparkle’s blog indexing.

I am no expert so let me ask a basic question. In designing the blog index page, is there a reason why you can’t select the Blog Posts Pagination element and move it below your Blog Index element?

Thanks, DaverD. Short answer is I’m new to this so a bit unsure. Since the Pagination element (so that’s what it’s called) just appeared as part of the blog index and I didn’t do anything to place it, I was hesitant to just move it around. But now I did and it seems that problem is solved!

Good to hear.

Based on what you say, allow me to add to think of Sparkle as providing you with a canvas for each page on your site along with different objects you can place on the canvas. (I used the term element before.) As an example, your blog index page canvas has at least two such objects - the Blog Index and the Blog Posts Pagination objects. However, you can add other objects that are available off the Insert drop down menu and position them where you want them to be.

While there may be rules and constraints about what objects work with the purpose of the page you are creating, the issue all users of Sparkle face is the coming up with the creativity (along with the content) needed to create our sites. The issue @duncan (Sparkle’s owner) faces, is to continue to expand the functionality he provides in Sparkle (e.g. objects) and to make the functionality easy to use. (IMHO he’s done a heck of a job.)

I, for one, have only scratched the surface of what Sparkle can produce as I look at sites others have created.

Good luck in creating your site.