Framework and code quality?

Hi all! I’m really eager to give Sparkle a purchase but I’m using the trial, so I’m unable to export to a server at the moment, or look at the code quality locally.

Can anyone tell me if Sparkle uses a CSS framework, like Bootstrap or Foundation etc? Or if the code it generates is clean of nonsense classes/IDs and divs within divs within divs? I’ve had terrible experiences with poor code output and I find that frameworks actually make things even more bloated (coming from Mobilize, that thing is a choker of a mess).

You could inspect a website made with Sparkle to see how the code layout goes. It does have its own CSS classes and surely uses some kind of minifier, and i believe it uses Vue.js, but not any html/css framework. Here is one website made with Sparkle so you can right click and inspect it to see the code layed out.

Also, nice to see another WoL around. Lali-ho!

Ah, I hadn’t considered looking at another Sparkle website to check out the code quality. Thanks!

May the light follow, warrior!

Edit: I’m unable to load the site you linked to for some reason. But I’ll look around for more examples in the community!

@kiikiikii welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

You could look at the site you have built via Preview. Most likely you will have your site open up in Safari and then just do a right-click / view source.

I think @duncan might say more about the code generation, but Sparkle doesn’t use a framework from what I know. From my experience a Sparkle website loads fairly fast which is loved by the search engines!

Hello @kiikiikii, welcome.

Sparkle does not use a CSS framework, but more importantly Sparkle’s code is not designed with the purpose of being further edited, it is optimized and web ready. Developer friendliness of the code is not a goal, the two primary goals are correctness and efficiency.

If control over code output is a concern perhaps Sparkle is not the right tool for you.