Free Download after suppling contact details?

Hi All,
I’m a complete novice to Sparkle. So far I’ve only created my first basic web page (you can see it here )

I want to offer a free downloadable file to website visitors.
But I also want to know who has downloaded it so that I can keep some track on things.

Can anyone spare a few minutes to suggest the simplest way to achieve this in Sparkle?

Hi @Anna… Sparkle doesn’t track anything so what you are suggesting Sparkle can’t do.

But what you can do is connect Sparkle with Google Analytics via the Settings and by doing that you can track what Users are doing on your site per click / per page. It will also detect downloads…

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You could create a simple form to collect the user information (name and email address) and then add a link to your thank you page that downloads the file. This is quite a common way collect visitor data. Here’s an example:

Call To action on your main site page:

Clicking the link takes you to the form to collect data

Upon submission of the form, the download links appear as part of the thank you page


Thank you, this is what I was thinking too.
Do you know whether it’s ok for me, as an individual, not a business to collect this basic info?

As long as you you have a GDPR compliance notice on your site, you should be good to go.

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Thanks for adding the explanatory pics :slight_smile:

Thanks @FlaminFig I’ll add google analytics to my ‘to do’ list for when I have time to investigate it. Guessing I’ll need to set up an account for it or something.
In the meantime, I like @francbrowne suggestion of a simple form with link on thank you page.

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Thank you for this post! What a great way to offer different options! Thanks for taking the time.

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@EvolvedFamily You’re very welcome!!